Elegant 24-hour watch face with weather forecast

Watch Face

See your day at a glance

The daylight ring represents the next 24 hours, changing colors at sunrise and sunset. Watch how the length of each day changes with the seasons.

Daylight ring

Plan ahead

The event ring shows upcoming events from your calendar, alarms from your watch and phone, and important weather conditions.

Feel the seasons

Let your watch face change colors with the seasons, or choose from one of the eight color themes.

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  • 12 and 24 hour digital clock
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures
  • Upcoming weather conditions
  • Alarm and calendar integration
  • Notification indicator in ambient mode
  • Temperature high and low
  • Moonrise, moonset, current moon phase
  • Tap on icons to see details
  • Complication: text, icon, small image
  • View second complication by tapping clock
  • Eight color themes

Powered by Dark Sky

System requirements

  • Android Wear 1.4 or later
  • Wear OS 2 (Android Wear)
  • Android Marshmallow or later on phone
  • Round watch recommended
  • Unmodified device (not rooted)
  • Phone data connection

Privacy policy

Location data is transmitted via secure connection to our weather service in order to provide you with current weather conditions and forecasts.

All request data including IP addresses is recorded by our weather service and stored for a maximum of four weeks, to enable security audits, troubleshooting, and aggregated usage statistics.

Google services are used, including the SafetyNet API to verify application integrity and authenticate access to our weather service. See Google’s privacy policy for details.

No other personal information is transmitted.